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Will Sharpen offers the full line of Pro-Line pet grooming shears.  Feel free to browse the products below or choose from the categories listed.  If you are a new groomer looking for a good starting set of grooming shears, be sure to see our Pro-Line pet grooming shear sets; there is savings when bought as a set.

Pro-Line 50 Tooth Pet Grooming Blending Thinning ShearPro-Line 50 Tooth Pet Grooming Blending Thinning ShearThis thinning shears from Proline is an excellent blending shear that will erase lines in the coat from cutting. It has 50 teeth and a comfortable offset handle design with a bent thumb ...
ProLine 44 Tooth Grooming Thinning ShearsProLine 44 Tooth Grooming Thinning ShearsThis thinning shear is Pro-Line’s most popular thinner with groomers. It is 7 inches long and has 44 teeth. The offset handle with articulated thumb design provides a comfortable ergonomic fit ...
ProLine Black Crane Handled Grooming ShearProLine Black Crane Handled Grooming ShearThis black Titanium finish grooming shear and has a fixed finger rest and blue jewel tension adjusting screw. It has a comfortable crane handle, and the blades are made of a hard metal to retain a sharp edge and increase durability, ...
Proline EuroShedder Grooming ToolProline EuroShedder Grooming ToolThis Proline EuroShedder Grooming Tool is great for removing dead hair from your pet’s coat. Great for medium or plush coats since it has narrow teeth that can quickly remove the thick undercoat and dead hair while leaving the overcoat smooth and healthy looking.  Limited time offer. Only while supply lasts. ...
ProLine Flipper Curved Grooming ShearsProLine Flipper Curved Grooming ShearsThese ProLine curved grooming shears have a flipper design, enabling the groomer to create a curved cut either direction by simply flipping the shear – no more contorting the arm, wrist or hand. ...
ProLine Heavy Duty Pet Grooming Thinning ShearProLine Heavy Duty Pet Grooming Thinning ShearThese ProLine grooming thinning shears are great for thinning a heavy coat as they remove 70% of the hair with each cut while retaining a sharp edge. ...
ProLine PL02 Curved Grooming ShearsProLine PL02 Curved Grooming ShearsThis Pro-Line curved grooming shear has a short shank and an ergonomic design with an articulated thumb and offset handle. The gold removable finger rest adds another option for making the shear most comfortable for you. ...
ProLine PL02 Straight Grooming ShearsProLine PL02 Straight Grooming ShearsThis Pro-Line straight grooming shear offers a comfortable fit with its offset handle, articulated thumb and short shank design. The gold removable finger rest adds another option for making the shear most comfortable for you. The smooth pivot point...
ProLine Straight Flipper Grooming ShearsProLine Straight Flipper Grooming ShearsThese ProLine grooming shears have a sure grip black coating to facilitate better control – especially when your hands are wet. The flipper design enables a groomer to more easily to access those hard to reach areas ...
ProLine Textured Handle Straight Grooming ShearsProLine Textured Handle Straight Grooming ShearsThis ProLine grooming shear is 7 inches long and has a comfortable offset handle with articulated thumb and fixed finger rest. The handle had been etched to create a gunmetal matte texture while the blades are polished...

Be sure to check out all our sharpening services and storefront items!
In addition to the items listed above, we sharpen clipper blades, shears, and scissors as well as specialize in Andis
clipper repair.  We also offer a variety of quality new equipment including grooming clippers, clipper blades, hair scissors, and grooming shears.  We also have some styling accessories.



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