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Beauty Shears
Mirage Samurai Black Thinning ShearMirage Samurai Black Thinning ShearThe Mirage Samurai thinner has 35 teeth and lightweight blades forged from super colbalted stainless steel. The black carved 440C steel handle embodies the appearance of a warrior’s sword, while the bent thumb ...
Mirage Samurai Black Beauty ShearMirage Samurai Black Beauty ShearThe Mirage Samurai Black beauty shear has a black steel sword-like crane handle with a bent thumb for a comfortable grip. The thin blades and tips are great for fine detail work and are hand forged ...
Debut Bella Beauty ShearDebut Bella Beauty ShearThis Debut beauty shear features beautiful amber, blue and green gems on the finger hole which looks like the stylists is wearing a ring while cutting with it. The tension dial matches the stylist's favorite color gem. ...
Debut Shadow Beauty ShearDebut Shadow Beauty ShearThe Debut Shadow shear has excellent cutting ability and is a great looking shear. The top of the finger hole is unique because it is 4 times wider than the average shear’s finger hole allowing space for the beautiful white and black stones ...
Debut Jewel Beauty ShearDebut Jewel Beauty ShearCutting with the Debut Jewel shear is like wearing a piece of jewelry. Pink and Purple stones are set in a wider than average finger top, but the bottom of the finger hole is a normal width for a comfortable grip. ... outstanding cutting performance with comfortable bent thumb ...
Debut Fire Beauty ShearDebut Fire Beauty ShearThis Debut beauty shear embodies Fire by the heat waves engraved along the handle and the fire-colored stones and tension dial. It performs exceptional cutting performance with a comfortable bent thumb offset handle.
Debut Crossbones Beauty ShearDebut Crossbones Beauty ShearThe shear handle of the Debut Crossbones has a bones and rose design. The rose-stacked finger rest on the crane handle is topped with a skull, and the tension dial is also a skull. To top off the edgy look to this shear, the blade is made to resemble a sword. ...
Debut Bliss Beauty ShearDebut Bliss Beauty ShearThe Bliss beauty shear’s cutting ability is simply … bliss. The offset handle is embedded with “diamonds” to look like the stylist is wearing a ring as she holds the beauty shear ... available in pink “diamonds” or smoke-grey “diamonds.” ...
Debut Viper Beauty ShearDebut Viper Beauty ShearThe Viper beauty shear has a comfortable crane handle and bent thumb design. The finger rest is made from a hissing cobra with red crystal eyes. The rest of the snake wraps around the handle with the tail ending near the pivot of the beauty shear. ...beautiful cutting ability ...
Debut Phantom Beauty ShearDebut Phantom Beauty ShearThe Phantom beauty shear features a skeleton skull and backbone on the outside edge of the top shear handle. The finger rest is shorter than most shears and the bent thumb slightly crane-handled design provides ergonomic comfort for the stylist. ...
Debut Tulip Beauty ShearDebut Tulip Beauty ShearThis Debut beauty shear is highlighted with elegant purple carvings of tulips along the handle of the shear. The sculpted finger rest on the offset handle is crowned with another shimmering Tulip, and the purple tension dial accentuates the beauty of the shear. 
Debut T Rainbow Titanium Triple Hole Beauty ShearDebut T Rainbow Titanium Triple Hole Beauty ShearThis triple-holed beauty shear provides superior control while giving a great cut. The beautiful Rainbow Titanium coating gives it extra durability and protection from corrosion.
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