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Hair Shears

Will Sharpen offers a wide variety of hair shears.  For those of you who have metal allergies or just like to have more of a flare to your shears, we have a great selection of Titanium shears.  We also have quite a few ergonomic shears including a variety of swivel shears.  Understanding the difficulty left handed stylists have finding true left handed shears, we also carry a good selection of left handed shears.  You may browse through our entire selection of hair shears or narrow your search by using the specific categories from the drop down list below.

Debut B Ergonomic Beauty ShearDebut B Ergonomic Beauty ShearThe ergonomic design of this beauty shear allows the stylist proper alignment by dropping the shoulder and elbow. It also has an extreme bent thumb ring.
Debut Bella Beauty ShearDebut Bella Beauty ShearThis Debut beauty shear features beautiful amber, blue and green gems on the finger hole. This beauty shear looks like the stylists is wearing a ring while she is cutting with it. The stylist can choose an amber, green ...
Debut Bliss Beauty ShearDebut Bliss Beauty ShearThe Bliss beauty shear’s cutting ability is just … bliss, but it does not stop there. The offset handle is embedded with “diamonds” to look like the stylist is wearing a ring as she holds the beauty shear. The tension dial and the end of the finger rest have matching “diamonds”  ...
Debut C Ergonomic Beauty ShearDebut C Ergonomic Beauty ShearThe comfortable ergonomic design on this beauty shear includes a bent thumb ring and a crane handle. The thin blades and narrow tips of this beauty shear...
Debut Crossbones Beauty ShearDebut Crossbones Beauty ShearThe shear handle of the Debut Crossbones is compiled from a bones and rose design. The rose-stacked finger rest on the crane handle is topped with a skull, and the tension dial is also a skull. To top off the edgy look to this shear, the blade is made to resemble a sword. ...
Debut Curve Beauty ShearDebut Curve Beauty ShearThe Debut Curve beauty shear has an upward curve to the blade and cuts like silk. It is designed for the "carving" technique taught by Paul Mitchell and...
Debut D Offset Handle Beauty ShearDebut D Offset Handle Beauty ShearThis very comfortable beauty shear is designed with off-set handles, and the thin blades and narrow tips aid in detail work.
Debut Eclipse 5.75 inch Swivel Beauty ShearDebut Eclipse 5.75 inch Swivel Beauty ShearThe black Debut Eclipse shear is 5.75 inches and is a great ergonomic basic cutting beauty shear. It has a crane handle design with a fully rotating swivel thumb …
Debut Eclipse Swivel Beauty ShearDebut Eclipse Swivel Beauty ShearThe black Debut Eclipse shear has a great ergonomic crane handle design with a fully rotating swivel thumb. A double swivel shear option is also available …
Debut Fire Beauty ShearDebut Fire Beauty ShearThis Debut beauty shear embodies Fire with the heat waves engraved along the handle and the colors of fire (red and amber) represented by the tones on the top of the finger hole. Customize your shear with a choice of tension dials: ...
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In addition to the items listed above, we sharpen clipper blades, shears, and scissors as well as specialize in Andis
clipper repair.  We also offer a variety of quality new equipment including grooming clippers, clipper blades, hair scissors, and grooming shears.  We also have some styling accessories.



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