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Beauty Shears
Mirage Charm Lefty Beauty ShearMirage Charm Lefty Beauty ShearThe true left handed beauty shear is lightweight and has an offset handle for a very comfortable feel. The Mirage Charm also has thin blades and tips which easily enable fine detail work. ...
Mirage Onyx Black Beauty ShearMirage Onyx Black Beauty ShearThis lightweight Mirage Onyx beauty shear has an extremely comfortable camelback offset handle design and a beautiful black Titanium finish. …
Mirage Onyx Black Double Teeth Thinning ShearMirage Onyx Black Double Teeth Thinning ShearThis Onyx thinning shear has teeth on both blades, leaving no perceptible line in the hair. This Mirage thinner is lightweight and has an extremely comfortable …
Mirage Charm Lefty Double Teethed ThinnersMirage Charm Lefty Double Teethed ThinnersThe true left handed Mirage Charm thinner has a comfortable offset handle and 30 teeth on both blades. It is comes with a pink sapphire charm on the top finger and includes two more charms of your choice. The charms are easily interchangeable and ...
Mirage Orca Lefty Swivel Beauty ShearMirage Orca Lefty Swivel Beauty ShearThis true left handed Orca swivel beauty shear couples superior cutting control with the freedom stylists have been asking for. The handle design is similar to the 3-hole swivel design except the third hole is not fully enclosed. The stylist chooses a dial...
Mirage Orca Double Teethed Lefty Thinning ShearMirage Orca Double Teethed Lefty Thinning ShearThe high quality Mirage Orca Lefty thinning shear saves time with 30 teeth on each blade leaving no perceptible line in the hair as most thinners; one cut is all you need – no blending required. The unique ergonomically designed handle allows superior control for precision cutting with the open third finger hole, while the fully rotating swivel thumb allows ...
Mirage Orca Black Swivel Beauty ShearMirage Orca Black Swivel Beauty ShearThis black Titanium finished Orca swivel beauty shear delivers the freedom stylists have been asking for with the superb control for precision cutting. It has 2 ½ finger holes and a fully rotating swivel thumb. For the stylist who wants the most ...
Mirage Pavone Beauty ShearMirage Pavone Beauty ShearThis Mirage beauty shear’s offset handle is breathtakingly designed to represent a peacock (Pavone is Italian for peacock) with beautiful blue, green and turquoise jewels and gold titanium feather design. The pivot point of the beauty shear continues the elegance of the peacock ...
Shisato Lefty Beauty ShearShisato Lefty Beauty ShearThe Shisato Lefty beauty shear is a premium quality true left handed beauty shear. It has a comfortable offset handle and an exceptional...
Mirage Sapphire Beauty ShearMirage Sapphire Beauty ShearThe Mirage Sapphire is embellished with over 75 sparkling gems on its offset handle and tension system. This gorgeous beauty shear has a carved steel handle and with enhancing detail and forged blades for cutting quality. The finger hole has a large sapphire gem ...
Mirage Titan Beauty ShearMirage Titan Beauty ShearThe Mirage Titan has a crane handle design for a comfortable ergonomic grip. The ball-bearing tension system enables an extremely smooth cutting shear. This great looking beauty shear is hand forged from Japanese ...
Shisato Lefty Thinning-Blending ShearShisato Lefty Thinning-Blending ShearThe six inch Shisato Lefty thinning-blending shear has a comfortable offset handle and is a premium quality true left handed shear. It also...
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