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Furzone Clipper Blades
Please Note:

Please Note:

Will Sharpen, Inc's sharpening department will not be fully operational during next week, January 18-23, 2021, due to a scheduled surgery and recovery time for the master sharpener. Incoming service packages will continue to be received and merchandise orders will be processed as normal during this time; however, service order return times will be delayed. Thank you for your patience during this time. We are looking forward to getting back to fully serving your sharpening needs soon!
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Furzone Clipper Blades

Furzone Clipper Blades

Will Sharpen is not going to continue stocking Furzone clipper blades. Once we sell out our remaining stock of Furzone, we will remove this brand from our website and inventory. We are doing our best to keep our stock quantities updated on our website; however, all Furzone purchases are subject to availability. We will contact you if we are unable to fulfill an order with the Furzone brand. In place of Furzone, we are proudly selling Bucchelli, so feel free to browse our expanding line of Bucchelli products as well. 


The Furzone Company is made up of individuals who have had over 20 years’ experience within the grooming industry. They have pooled their resources, experience and feedback from others within the industry to create a product that is unparalleled. Rather than allowing an acceptable range of steel Rockwell Harness, Furzone ensures that all their clipper blades are made from a high carbon Japanese steel with a HRC of 62. This HRC level is ideal for durability and smooth cutting performance. The blades are heat treated and ice tempered for longer life, and they keep a sharp edge and run cooler.

All Furzone clipper blades sold at WillSharpen are compatible with any A-5 style clipper, and since Will Sharpen, Inc. is a professional clipper blade sharpening provider, your Furzone clipper blade purchase opens the door to a lasting business relationship as we can help keep your Furzone blades sharp and maintained. 

Furzone clipper blades feature:

‧ High carbon Japanese surgical steel
‧ Heat treated and ice tempered for longer life
‧ Rockwell hardness rating of 62 degrees
‧ Runs cool; stays sharp
‧ Rust resistant and durable
‧ High speed and fast cutting

For your convenience, we have included a Furzone conversion chart for barber/beauty blades equivalents.

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In addition to the items listed above, we sharpen clipper blades, shears, and scissors as well as specialize in Andis
clipper repair.  We also offer a variety of quality new equipment including grooming clippers, clipper blades, hair scissors, and grooming shears.  We also have some styling accessories.

Furzone Clipper Blades

Furzone Clipper Blades

Furzone Detachable 10WF Fine Clipper BladeFurzone Detachable 10WF Fine Clipper Blade
Furzone Detachable 15 Clipper BladeFurzone Detachable 15 Clipper Blade
Furzone Detachable 1HT Clipper BladeFurzone Detachable 1HT Clipper Blade
Furzone Detachable 3/4HT Clipper BladeFurzone Detachable 3/4HT Clipper Blade
Furzone Detachable 30 Clipper BladeFurzone Detachable 30 Clipper Blade
Furzone Detachable 40W Clipper BladeFurzone Detachable 40W Clipper Blade
Furzone Detachable 4FW Clipper BladeFurzone Detachable 4FW Clipper Blade
Furzone Detachable 5/8NC Clipper BladeFurzone Detachable 5/8NC Clipper Blade
Furzone Detachable 50 Clipper BladeFurzone Detachable 50 Clipper Blade
Furzone Detachable 5F Clipper BladeFurzone Detachable 5F Clipper Blade
Furzone Detachable 5FW Clipper BladeFurzone Detachable 5FW Clipper Blade
Furzone Detachable 8 1/2 Clipper BladeFurzone Detachable 8 1/2 Clipper Blade
Furzone Detachable 9 Clipper BladeFurzone Detachable 9 Clipper Blade



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